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unamed poetry

November 27, 2012

…neck tilted as I kissed him

sucked his bottom lip while he sucked my top one

tongues tickling the tase was pure bliss

layed back thorough nicca

yea, my type of nicca

caressing me slowly while sizing me up

asked him how I felt, he said EXCELLENT

came strong out the gate

conversing everyday

exchanged pics of his handsomeness as well as my sexiness

walking the mall, we look FLY together

like Jay and Bey, ride or die together

damn this was meant to be

imagine what I’d do to him

after I say I DO to him

love makin’ in my mind will soon be love makin’ all the time

yet somewhere along the line, signals got crossed

communication fell off

I don’t do indirect and therefor I was turned off

yea, he was a layed back thorough nicca

he was my type of nicca

Maisha B. Poetry n’ Love


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